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Greece Trip 1997 Photos

I took a trip to Greece with my mother and grandparents. We were driving back from Corinth and naturally I was looking at the poles alongside the road. Suddenly, the line dipped and disappeared! The surrounding landscape turned black and I knew that a fire had taken down the lines. I insisted that we stop and my grandfather and I did a bit of hiking. Eureka! There was pole after pole down, free for the picking.

While my grandfather started removing the ones from the nearby pole, I followed the line down a ways to find any possible variations. I spotted a lone insulator lying in the dirt! It was embossed "TTT", unlike the "OTE" embossed insulators installed on the poles. I took a picture of it undisturbed, and then made it mine.

After taking our haul back to the hotel, I cleaned them up. Some were embossed "OTE" in a green underglaze, while others had a black underglaze.

Later in the trip we met my distant cousin. As fate would have it, SHE collected Greek insulators!! (Seriously, what are the odds?) She had some quite old ones from our ancestors' village in Platanos, and she was happy to trade one of my new ones for a small "pony style" that didn't have an underglaze embossing, but rather was incuse embossed.

Click on pictures to enlarge with captions.

Although this technically isn't part of the trip, it's definitely worthy noting here: Fellow collector Russ Frank contacted me in March 2004 and said he was doing a display on Greek insulators! He had noticed my photos and asked if he could use some of them in his display. I was more than happy to let him use the photos. Here's the display:

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