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1995 Visalia Western Reg'l Personal Show Journal by Christian Willis.

This journal was written on Thursday, June 27, 1996.

This show was especially neat for me because this was my first time ever to display at an insulator show. The only previous experiences with displaying were three times at the Laguna Niguel’s Orange County Library. I displayed in the Junior Category and won 1st place in that category for my Hemingray collection at the Visalia Show. Being my first display, I didn’t have much rarity or educational information, which accounts for 60 of the 100 point judging system. One judge didn’t seem to care that I was a junior, for he seemed to grade me very low on rarity, and low on some of the other categories as well. The other two judges were very kind in their grades. My overall score was a 62 out of 100. The award was presented to me at an awards banquet following the show.

Many rare insulators were displayed there at the show on Butch and Eloise Haltman’s table. I ended up getting quite a few good pieces at this show, including a CD 241.2 Hemingray 24, CD 242 Hemingray 66 (repaired), CD 307 High Potential, CD 230.1 Hemingray D-512, and a CD 122 Hemingray 16 in 7up green. All of these ended up getting added to my display before the judging. You're not really supposed to do that, but I needed all the help I could get!

Along with many insulators to upgrade and improve my display, I also picked up a couple Danger signs. The first one simply says, "High / Voltage" in Helvetica font (which I added to my display). The second sign says, "High Voltage Wires / Keep Off / [SCE logo]. (Southern California Edison). My dad and I had a great time at that show.

This was my first display.

Standing next to my display.

Dwayne Anthony and me.

Dwayne handed out the awards. I was awarded 1st Place Junior Category.

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