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Cayucos 2000 Personal Show Journal by Christian Willis.

This journal was written on Thursday, May 4, 2000.

It was exactly a week ago from this night when I packed, rather, stuffed the van full of boxes of Hemingray glass, due to arrive at the tiny beach town of Cayucos, California, at around 9:30 AM. My father and I went to bed early that night and woke up promptly at 3:15 AM, showering and dressing. We were out the door and on our way at 4:00, right on schedule. We stopped down at the Circle K and got ourselves the traditional coffee and hot chocolate (and, this time, film). We then made our way down the street to the freeway. The drive was great; we missed all the traffic in L.A. and we were greeted with a dull grey overcast sky as it grew lighter out. We stopped in Santa Barbara to have our traditional breakfast at Sambo’s at around 7, and then continued on to Cayucos, arriving around 9:30. We headed straight for the hall and were greeted outside by Paul, Sid, Dwayne, and Bill Heitkotter. Sid was on the phone with Dave Hall, whose van had just broken down. The group was distressed, because Dave had the display cases for three of the displays, along with a few of the awards! Daddy and I went up to the trailer to set it up and show me around, as it was my first time seeing it.

Afterwards, I drove back down to the hall and helped them set up the tables and chairs. Since I was the first exhibitionist there, I naturally got first pick as to where my display would go. I chose stage right, the prime real estate for displays at the Cayucos show. Having plenty of glass to lug inside, I went back to the trailer, roused my father from his nap (yes, I felt bad about that,) and we went down to unload and set up. By this time the McLaughlin family had arrived, and we set up our displays side-by-side. Fred Padgett also arrived and took his usual display area over by the wall near the side room doors.


Click here to view photos of my display.

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