Wanted Form  

CD 203
Embossing: [020]  (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY - 56 (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A./[Numbers and dots] (Top of pinhole) [Number]
Base Type: CB (Corrugated Base)
This particular embossing is on my Wanted List. If you have a matching insulator with this exact embossing and would like to sell it, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks!
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a number embossed up inside the top of the pinhole. Please make sure your insulator matches this before contacting me.

1. Verify Embossing:
2. Attach Photos:
1. Front of insulator:
2. Rear of insulator: 
3. Your Name:
4. Your Email:

1. Insulator should be in-focus.
If your photos are turning out blurry, try moving the camera slightly further away from the insulator, or see if your camera has a macro (closeup) mode. Some cameras also allow for manual focus.
2. Take the photo straight-on.
Bringing the camera down to eye level with the insulator (rather than up above, or bird's eye view) is necessary for reading the embossing.
3. Photograph the entire insulator.
It's most helpful to see the entire insulator, rather than a small portion of it.
4. The bigger the photo the better!
Photos up to 20MB in size are permitted. Bigger photos provide better detail.


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