Identify Your Insulator  
Was my glass insulator manufactured by Hemingray?

Check the embossing on your insulator, and compare it to this alphabetical list:

Chambers AM.TEL.&TEL.CO. Armstrong
H.G.Co. B & O B
Hemingray B.E.L.Co. Brookfield
Jeffrey Mfg. Co. F.M. Locke & Co. California
Kimble Patented Oct. 8, 1907 Gayner
Lowex S.B.T.&T.Co. Good
Mine Insulator   Hawley
Owens-Illinois   Kerr
Patent Dec. 19, 1871   Knowles
Patent May 2, 1893   Lynchburg
S.S. & Co.   Maydwell
Seilers   McLaughlin
Surge   Pyrex
Two Piece Transposition   Star
V.G. Converse   W.G.M. Co.
W.E. Mfg. Co.   Whitall Tatum

What if my insulator is unembossed?

Click here for a list of unembossed insulators manufactured by Hemingray.

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