Hemingray Insulator Profile: CD 196  
This large one-piece style, marketed as the "Perfect Transposition", is more commonly found with the H.G.Co. embossing (in stark contrast to CD 201). Transposition styles were used for swapping the positions of two lines. This would reduce the interference that would otherwise be caused by two lines running parallel to each other for too long a distance. 

Dimensions: 5 1/2" H x 4 1/4" W
• H.G.CO.
Years Produced:
Style Number:51
Rarity Scale (1-10): Uncommon (5)
Trade Name: Perfect Transposition
Hobby Nickname: Tramp
Known Embossings (9) Collapse
H.G.CO. [005] (Dome) H (F-Skirt) H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PAT. MAY 2 1893 SDP < WANTED! 
H.G.CO. [010] (F-Skirt) H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PAT. MAY 2 1893 SDP < WANTED! 
H.G.CO. [015] (F-Skirt) H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PATD MAY 2 1893 {Variation has RDP on the umbrella and SDP on the skirt} SDP < WANTED! 
H.G.CO. [020] (F-Skirt) H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PATD MAY 2 1893 SDP Photo
H.G.CO. [030] (F-Skirt) H.G.CO. (R-Umbrella) PATENT APPLIED FOR (R-Skirt) PATD MAY 2 1893 SDP Photo
H.G.CO. [040] (F-Skirt) Nº 51 / H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PAT. MAY 2 1893 SDP Photo
NEW! H.G.CO. [050] (F-Skirt) Nº 51/H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PAT.MAY 2 1893 {Note there is a "3" offset and stamped over the "3"} SDP < WANTED! 
HEMINGRAY [010] (F-Umbrella) HEMINGRAY (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) Nº 51 SDP Photo
HEMINGRAY [020] (F-Umbrella) HEMINGRAY (F-Skirt) Nº 51 (R-Skirt) HEMINGRAY SDP Photo

The following embossings were removed from the price guide because they could not be verified to exist:

Unverified Embossings
Year Removed

CD 196 Insulators for Sale
Photos (click to enlarge) Description / Condition Color Current Price
Guide Value
Sale Price
PhotoPhoto CD 196 H.G.Co. [030]

Another seldom seen embossing: CD 196 H.G.CO. [030] with "PATENT APPLIED FOR" embossed on the rear umbrella. One thumbnail chip on front skirt, one 2" no glass missing bruise behind the rear umbrella embossing. Amazingly all drip points are intact on the umbrella, several with underpoured bubbles. A couple drips with flakes on the bottom, and typical stress cracks in the threads. Priced below book value!
Aqua $300-350 $200

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