Hemingray Insulator Profile: CD 144  
This style is nicknamed the "Foree Bain." It was patented on December 23, 1890 by Foree Bain (see patent). Then, on February 28, 1901, the patent was sold to Hemingray. It is believed that the No Embossing versions were produced by Hemingray, although to date no shards have been found in the Hemingray dump to confirm this. 

Dimensions: 3 7/8" H x 3 1/8" W
Years Produced:
Rarity Scale (1-10): Uncommon (5)
Hobby Nickname: Foree Bain
Known Embossing Collapse
NO EMBOSSING [010] [No embossing] {Foree Bain} {Inside of skirt has horizontal ridges from the base to the pinhole} {This is listed as smooth base, but the base has ridges that do not conform to any other base style} SB Photo

The following embossings were removed from the price guide because they could not be verified to exist:

Unverified Embossings
Year Removed

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