Hemingray Insulator Profile: CD 254  
This is the largest size of the cable series. Originally the No.3 Cable, it was later renumbered to No.63 Cable and grouped with the No.60 (CD 257), No.61 (CD 251) and No.62 (CD 252). 

Dimensions: 5 3/4" H x 4 1/4" W
Years Produced:
Style Numbers:3 Cable, 63, 63 Cable
Rarity Scale (1-10): Uncommon (5)
Trade Name: Cable
Voltage Rating: 7,500 Volts
Known Embossings (6) Collapse
HEMINGRAY [010] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) Nº 3 CABLE SB Photo
HEMINGRAY [020] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) Nº 3 CABLE SDP Photo
HEMINGRAY [030] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY - 63 (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A.
Note: I question if this EIN actually exists. All the specimens I have seen have a brass bushing embedded in the pinhole.
HEMINGRAY [032] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-63 (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. {A brass bushing molded into the pinhole with a square at the top} SB Photo
HEMINGRAY [050] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY - 63/[Number] (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A./[Number] SB Photo
HEMINGRAY [060] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY/MADE IN U.S.A. (R-Skirt) Nº 63 CABLE SDP Photo

The following embossings were removed from the price guide because they could not be verified to exist:

Unverified Embossings
Year Removed
HEMINGRAY [040] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-63 (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. SDP 2003

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