Hemingray Insulator Profile: CD 196.5  
This is another rare variation based on the CD 196 transposition. It is very similar except that the dome has been modified to be shorter. This was possibly an experimental piece to improve upon the design, such as if the top was prone to popping off. 

Dimensions: 4 1/2" H x 4 1/4" W
Years Produced:
Rarity Scale (1-10): Very Rare (8)
Known Embossing Collapse
H.G.CO. [010] (F-Skirt) H.G.CO. (R-Skirt) PAT MAY 2 1893 SDP < WANTED! 

The following embossings were removed from the price guide because they could not be verified to exist:

Unverified Embossings
Year Removed

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Insulator photo courtesy of Bob Berry of the National Insulator Association, and used with permission.

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