Hemingray Insulator Profile: CD 142.4  
This is a very unique and uncommon style. It's sort of a "big brother" to the CD 142 TS-2. The dark ring inside the skirt is the cement for the glass insert, shown below. These come in a great carnival color. 

Dimensions: 4 1/8" H x 3 5/8" W
Years Produced:
Style Number:TS 3
Rarity Scale (1-10): Very Uncommon (6)
Mold Variation Collapse

CD 142.4 Glass Insert

This is the glass insert that was originally cemented inside the skirt (the dark ring in the photo above). These inserts are commonly missing or damaged.

Known Embossings (2) Collapse
NO EMBOSSING [010] [No embossing] {A glass insert is cemented inside the skirt} {Hemingray product} RDP Photo
NO NAME [010] (F-Skirt) TS 3 {Note 'S' is backwards} {A glass insert is cemented inside the skirt} {Hemingray product} RDP  

The following embossings were removed from the price guide because they could not be verified to exist:

Unverified Embossings
Year Removed

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