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I don't have many pictures from the "Early Days" of my collecting (which can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it!) In any case, here's what I have:

First Library Display, Early 1992

Somtimes it pays to organize boxes of photos... I didn't think I had any photos of my first display at the Laguna Niguel Public Library, but I was wrong!

I had about 30 insulators at the time, the majority of which I found at antique shops, or had been given to me by family members.

As you can see, I was thrilled to have this picture taken.

Collection, Christmas 1992

By Christmas, I had attended my first insulator show in Bakersfield, CA. Boy was that an eye-opener! I had already started collecting Hemingrays mainly, but I was still collecting colorful insulators from other companies as well. I wouldn't start specializing in strictly Hemingray glass until the Denver National in 1993.

Second Library Display, 1993

This was my second display at the Laguna Niguel Library. As you can see, my collection grew quite a bit from the previous year. I had also begun subscribing to Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine, became a member of the NIA, and discovered the McDougalds' wonderful reference books.

My third library display in 1995 made the front page of the Laguna Niguel News. The article can be seen on the Articles page.

Photos of my collection from 1995 and later can be found in Displays.

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